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Brian Ascenzo is a 40+ year veteran of the entertainment business
during which time he has cut a wide path across the industry.
Bolstered by the encouragement of his paternal aunt,
Gilda Maiken (Anderson) of the legendary Skylarks vocal group,
Brian developed a truly eclectic skillset, both creatively and technically.
As a musician, he has composed, arranged and performed many styles of
music, from classical to jazz to rock and techno (even the odd pit orchestra).
An old school musician, Brian plays guitar, (all styles) bass,
mandolin, keyboards and also sings.


Brian is chief audio engineer at

GrooveTubes founder Aspen Pittman's studio

Aspen's Place Recording


'Old school meets Pro Tools'

Aspen's Place Recording features 32 channels of ProTools HD10 I/O, fed by an arsenal of lehendary Groove Tubes mics, mic pre-amps and guitar amps.

Also available is Aspen's personal collection of vintage mics, guitars and amps. A beautiful Steinway upright baby grand piano and Hammond organ w/Leslie reside in the main room, large enough to track a live band of most any size.

JBL Surround mixing/monitoring completes a stellar digital/analog hybrid facility




Some of Brian'smusical credits include;

'Gothic Angel' (independant)
'Hard Wired'(independant)
'Gator King' (independant)
'Search for the Maya' (PBS)
w/ Charles DeChant (Hall & Oates)
and narration by Ricardo Montalban.
(Score, sound design and mix)

Chrysler, Suzuki, Darden
KC Aviation, NASA, McDonalds,
numerous infomercials & spots 

Audio credits include all of the above, plus artists including
Ray Charles, Doyle Dykes, Dave Widow and Pat Travers

A 4 volume original music library
and Brian's large catalog of songs
are available for licensing,
as well as commissioned
compositions or arrangements


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 Ray Charles- 'I met a Genius Once'                   ray

Brian remembers his brief time with a legend

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