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a collection of essays and ramblings on modern life

Volume I

the story of 'b'


So You Call It Freedom..

Choose one; (a) (a) (a)

The Counselor's Dilemma

I'm Just Biased Towards Prejudice


All Extremists Should Be Shot

Politics of Politics of....

How Can We Have World Peace...

'Birth, Taxes, Taxes, Death

'Put Your Toys Away Dear...'

Are We There Yet?

"The Emperor's New Stereo"

And the Gloves Are Off Again

'I'll Never Use This In My Life'

My Pants Are Blue...

I'm Just Drawn to Cartoons

Is It REALLY Color or Still Just Black and White?

As To the Question?

Agony Over Ecstacy

What's the Big Attraction?

I'm Not Arguing- You're Just Wrong

The Wheel Squeaks And We Get Greased???

Iraq & A Hard Place- Invade or Garnish?

The New Predator Hunts Online

I Want to Be A Star  (emails from hopeful entertainers!)

He's a Nice Guy, but.....

The Pizza Wars

I Know Nothing

The Truth About Spam (not the meat)

Elegance Lost

Ellis Island, This Ain't


Volume II


(coming soon)


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