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Everybody Wants To Be A Star

I have saved 82 of the 'best' ones to edit into a book about the
music industry. I will continue to add as I get them edited.

Some samples of these e-mails;

( 'xx's indicate personal information, otherwise, they are unedited.)

Dear Mr. Ascenzo

Hi my name is (Tiffany xxxx) and my best
friend (Nicole xxxxx). We were wondering if maybe you can
help us with our dream to become singers, but in a group.
We would love this if you can help us. After looking at all
the people that you had helped so far we thought that maybe
you can help us. If you can do this please e-mail us back at
Sincerly: Tiffany xxxx and Nicole xxxx!


how do u learn to be a engineer?


Hi my name is Scott xxxxxxx and I am a
14 year old singer and I have a band and our name
Tog+ther not like the band 2get+her but it is the
same word but it is spelled different. There are
four people in the band And we all are really good
singers we have been singing to together for about
two years and I was wondering if you chould check
out your stuff and get back to us as soon as possible..


We are a trio of female teen vocalists who are very
dedicated and determined to music. We write original
songs and We are constantly practicing and we aren't
afraid or too shy to perform in public. We've been singin
together for almost 2 years. We have tons of original
material. We are 15, 15 ,14 years old.We will be
15, 16 and 16 next year.Our parents are very supportive
of us. We are looking for places in the California area
where we could perform for people and hopefully get
signed to a major label. Your help is much appreciated


(this one is from Malaysia)

Hello there!
My name is Pooja Xxxxx and me and my friends
Maheema and Kaammini made up a group called the
Blazing Firebolts and we made up songs and sang
them and we really had a lot of fun.We were
wondering whether you could help us get into the
music industry ? Do you think..that we have any hope?
we found your name in a site under the heading Producers.
WE contacted what we supposed was a Producer called
Xxxx Xxxx but she was a Engineer/Mixer...but she told us
that as we have fun doing this stuff we have a lot of hope.
She told us to contact Producers from the same site so
we are contacting you.Could u be able to help us? If you
are a producer we will send you a lyric or two.So can you
help us if possible? Do you think we have any hope??????????

Maheema= 10
Kaammini= 9

PLease tell us what you think......thanks!
Pooja Maheema and Kaammini


hey i am 16 and wanna be a music and
what will i need to know/go to get started..please
please help me this is a big dream of mine.cuz
i just love music..please help me...thanks


can u tell me where and how can i get started at
being a music prducer?,i have a musical gift and i
am very serious about it,please help.


To whom it may concern;
Hello, my name is Brittany Xxxxxx. I am 16 and
my dream in life is to be a singer. Thats all I have
ever wanted. I don't even know who I'm even writing,
but I know that you have something to do with the
music business. I dont know if you will even read this.
You probably get 1,000's of letters like this every day
from people just like me. But I know none of them have
the desire I have. I wake up every morning singing and
thinking about singing and when I lay down to go to bed,
I sing my self to sleep. I've been singing since i was 3
and have been singing eversince. At church, in competitions
and at weddings. And i just dream and think aboutthe day
when I'll be up on a stage and singing to hundreds of people.
please if I'm not writing to the write person and you know
who can help me please call me or write and let me know.
My friends always say that if a record company could just
hear me them would pick me up so fast my head would spin.
I'm not trying to be all stuck on my self thats just what is
said. Thank you for your time. It means alot. my phone#
1-(xxx)-xxx-xxxx  my address xxx north xth st.
xxxxxxx, XX xxxxx Brittany Xxxxxxxx


Mr. Ascenzo,

I am writing on behalf of a small little music group in
south Florida. We are wanting to record on there own an
they were wondering if you had any advice for us.
We are getting a small 16 channel board with the
digi program and all the goodies. Our question is
after we record, how do we go about getting the CD's
into circulation. If you can give us any advice it
would be greatly appreciated

Thank you so much,
Yours truly,



hi well my name is sammy xxxxxx and jaime xxxxxxx
since 1992 we started singin in the style of
gene simmons ,david lee roth,steven tyler ...
style hard rock style ..we have some songs and
it sounds great we have some grat music ideas
and we need to someone to discover us we sing
so well we got the look we got the style we have
21 years old we play bass,guitar and drums
please can you help us are you maybe interested
in us?? anyone?? we will do anything ..mail us
please to chile
thank you very much

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