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staunch defender of the middle ground.

With a pen, a guitar and a hockey stick,
he is dedicated to advancing these ideas-
that common sense must be common again,
entertainment can educate,
education can entertain,
and we all need to
learn, think, laugh, cry and play.

Who is 'Cousin B'?

It's time to meet your 4th cousin, twice removed, once lost, found,
evicted, forgiven and removed again on your dutch uncle's side.

Join us as we follow Cousin B through the familiar
and yet somehow strange antics of the
'Hacker's Club' and it's many, um-, uh, colorful members.

Cousin B performs both as a solo musician and with ensembles of any size.

Browse some of the many songs he's performed in his

forty-plus years as a professional musician.

Read 'Cousin B's online book-in-progress eum

Okay, Really, Who is 'Cousin B'?

While the rest of the world shoves pins in their heads and waves their private parts
at your aunties, Pegwood Arts is proud to bring you a variety of well-crafted
creative and collaborative works from the precocious alter-ego of music veteran
Brian Ascenzo
On these pages, you'll find a unique repertoire sculpted by Brian's dedication
to old-school quality and the survival of it in the modern 'e-ra'.
In any case, you can rest assured that you will not be pandered to, belittled or
shocked for no reason by the pages on this site. We will maintain a strict PG
rating level for all the material contained here. Though we will tackle some tough
issues occasionally, we will never resort to graphically offensive material.
Stylistically, Cousin B will embrace all things 'boomer' and all the greatest achievements
of the 20th century, yet mercilessly lampoon the worst.

'Cousin B' and the Hacker's Club and its members are fictional
characters. Any resemblance to real individuals or event is
purely coincidental in spite of how publicly stupid people can be.
Pegwood Arts is not responsible for any offense occurred by the
mention in these pages or any of its content concerning publicly
known persons or events. All materials copyright by Pegwood Arts
All rights reserved. Unauthorized sale or duplication is unlawful.


copyright 2000 Pegwood Arts all rights reserved 


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